Carbon Fiber Shaft 12.4mm Pro Taper

$ 295.00 $ 450.00

The Kamikaze 12.4mm Carbon Fiber Shaft provides a greater surface area for contact with the cue ball.  This allows for greater consistency on each and every hit.  These shafts were developed with an ultra strong carbon fiber material.  The shafts are 4oz in weight and provide a consistent low deflection pure crisp hit and feel with minimal effort. These shafts are currently available in : 3/8-10, Radial, Uniloc, 5/16-18, 5/16-14.

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Dimensions:  Overall Length 29 inches

Taper:  Pro Taper  12.4mm Approx 16inches.

Joint End: 21.4 MM

Tip: Kamikaze Original Brown Soft