Carbon Fiber Shaft 11.8mm Slow Rise Taper

$ 295.00 $ 450.00

The Kamikaze 11.8mm Carbon Fiber Shaft gives precise accurate tip position that allows for exceptional cue ball Spin & English.  These shafts were developed with an ultra strong carbon fiber material.  The shafts are 4oz in weight and provide a consistent low deflection pure crisp hit and feel with minimal effort. These shafts are currently available in : 3/8-10, Radial, Uniloc, 5/16-18, 5/16-14.

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Dimensions:  Overall Length 29 inches

Taper:  Pro Taper/Slow Rise Taper 11.8mm to 12.0mm Approx 18 inches.

Joint End: 21.4 MM

Tip: Kamikaze Black Med